Weather data from Tarfala AWS
2018-04-19 20:00

DateAir temp.Wind speedWind dirPrecipitation
2018-04-191.24 °C2.56 m/s SW (211°) mm
2018-04-183.13 °C2.43 m/s SW (206°) mm
2018-04-172.75 °C1.21 m/s SSE (136°) mm
2018-04-163.51 °C1.15 m/s South (160°) mm
2018-04-15-0.12 °C0.90 m/s SSE (140°) mm
2018-04-140.19 °C2.39 m/s South (173°) mm
2018-04-132.90 °C1.52 m/s SE (116°) mm

About Tarfala Research Station

Tarfala Research Station supports research and monitoring of mountain environments in northern Sweden.

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