Weather data from Parakka
2019-05-20 10:00

DateAir temp.Ground temp.Wind speedWind dirPrecipitationSnow depth
2019-05-2011.42 °C °C0.36 m/s SE (118°)0.00 mm0.01 m
2019-05-1914.59 °C °C0.64 m/s SSE (148°)0.00 mm0.01 m
2019-05-1813.97 °C °C0.53 m/s SSE (137°)0.00 mm0.01 m
2019-05-1710.54 °C °C0.75 m/s WSW (242°)0.00 mm0.02 m
2019-05-165.99 °C °C1.00 m/s WSW (245°)0.00 mm0.02 m
2019-05-154.60 °C °C0.82 m/s WSW (231°)0.00 mm0.02 m
2019-05-143.12 °C °C0.87 m/s SW (223°)0.00 mm0.02 m

About Tarfala Research Station

Tarfala Research Station supports research and monitoring of mountain environments in northern Sweden.

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