Weather data from Parakka
2019-03-20 10:00

DateAir temp.Ground temp.Wind speedWind dirPrecipitationSnow depth
2019-03-20-8.43 °C °C0.90 m/s SSE (154°)0.00 mm0.75 m
2019-03-19-5.51 °C °C0.78 m/s SW (217°)0.00 mm0.76 m
2019-03-18-5.95 °C °C1.54 m/s WNW (289°)0.00 mm0.74 m
2019-03-17-10.86 °C °C0.89 m/s WSW (230°)0.00 mm0.69 m
2019-03-16-5.63 °C °C0.20 m/s SSW (197°)0.00 mm0.71 m
2019-03-15-2.60 °C °C0.20 m/s SE (114°)0.00 mm0.72 m
2019-03-14-7.71 °C °C0.28 m/s ESE (96°)0.00 mm0.66 m

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Tarfala Research Station supports research and monitoring of mountain environments in northern Sweden.

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